Project Management

The Engineering division manages and provides guidance for the city departments and commissions concerning the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of private and public works projects including roadways, storm drainage, sidewalks, handicap accessibility and other private & public development projects within the city.

Responsibilities include:

  • Planning, Designing, and overseeing of Capital Public Works Projects
  • Assist in Maintaining Roads, Sidewalks, and Trails
  • Assist in Maintaining Storm Water Swales and Culverts within the Public Right-of-Way
  • Development and Maintenance of Design Standards for new Construction
  • Managing the City's Thoroughfare Plans and Documentation
  • Managing the Public Right-of-Way within the City
  • Assistance in Obtaining New Traffic Controls & Improving Existing Traffic Conditions
  • General Information and Assistance with Questions Regarding Drainage Issues, City Right-of-Way, Drainage and Utility Easements
  • Maintenance and Repair of Small Structures
  • Coordination with other Public Entities with Respect to Roadways

Publicly Available Services:

  • Records of Drawings of Residential & Commercial Projects within the City
  • Information on City Approved Projects
  • Assist Public in Matters that Require City Approval
  • Respond to Inquiries about the City's Infrastructure
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