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10/16/2017 unknown Toyota-Owned Company Plans Fifth Indiana Facility, $8M Investment in Westfield 460   Details icon
10/11/2017 unknown WESTFIELD COUNCIL APPROVES 2018 BUDGET 360   Details icon
06/13/2017 unknown CITY COUNCIL REZONE ALLOWS FOR ECONOMIC GROWTH 406   Details icon
03/14/2016 pdf Certificate of Appointment 782 399 KB Details icon
05/05/2015 unknown Find Out Where to Vote 666   Details icon
03/31/2014 pdf Public Hearing Notice: Infrastructure Improvement Fund and Additional Appropriation 1014 10 KB Details icon
03/20/2014 unknown Notre Dame to Take On Virginia Tech at Grand Park 1948   Details icon
03/17/2014 doc Press Release: Westfield and Citizens to Complete Utility Transfer 1258 343 KB Details icon
02/04/2014 unknown Press Release: Tax Rates Improve for City of Westfield 1653   Details icon
01/16/2014 pdf Press Release: Burglary/Intimidation/Theft Arrest 1842 153 KB Details icon
01/05/2014 unknown Press Release: City of Westfield Prepares for Snowstorm 1144   Details icon
12/26/2013 pdf Press Release: Arrest Made in Westfield Double Homicide 1097 153 KB Details icon
12/22/2013 pdf Westfield Police Update on Homicide Investigation 1142 230 KB Details icon
12/21/2013 unknown Release: Update on Possible Homicide in Westfield 2968   Details icon
12/20/2013 unknown Oak Ridge Road Closed 12/20 - 12/22 for Water Line Installation Between 161st and Ridgewood Drive 864   Details icon
12/19/2013 unknown Press Release: Standard and Poor's Raises Westfield's Bond Rating to AA+ 1722   Details icon
12/11/2013 unknown Former Councilor John Dippel is Honored by Congresswoman Susan Brooks 1227   Details icon
12/11/2013 unknown Press Release: Westfield Selected to Receive Arts Commission Cultural Planning Consultancy 903   Details icon
12/10/2013 unknown Press Release: Advisory Plan Commission Appoints New Member 988   Details icon
11/25/2013 unknown 2013 State of the City Address 936   Details icon
11/25/2013 unknown Press Release: Westfield's Youth Assistance Program Awarded Grant 1120   Details icon
11/18/2013 unknown Grand Park Sports Campus Selected To Receive 90 Trees through NASCAR Green Clean Air Tree Planting Program 853   Details icon
10/31/2013 unknown Press Release: Westfield Chef Heads to Las Vegas Hoping to Return Home a Winner 1091   Details icon
10/28/2013 unknown Press Release: Honoring a Piece of the City of Westfield's History 1350   Details icon
10/23/2013 unknown Release: Grand Park Progress Preview Event a Great Success - attracted approximately 3,500 attendees 1291   Details icon
10/16/2013 pdf Press Release: City of Westfield and Citizens Energy Group Utility Transfer Agreement 1029 481 KB Details icon
10/15/2013 unknown Press Release: Caucus Elects a New City Council Member 1266   Details icon
09/23/2013 unknown Press Release - Westfield City Councilor John Dippel Passes Away 1262   Details icon
09/19/2013 unknown Press Release - City of Westfield Launches New Responsive Website 2212   Details icon
09/13/2013 unknown INDOT: US 31 traffic to shift between 146th and 156th streets on Sept. 14 1273   Details icon
09/10/2013 unknown Hamilton County Highway Department to Close 161st Street Bridge Over Cool Creek 1843   Details icon
08/22/2013 pdf Press Release: The City of Westfield Announces PepsiCo as Official Beverage Provider at Grand Park Sports Campus 551 210 KB Details icon
08/16/2013 unknown INDOT: New Roundabout Interchange Open at 161st Street and U.S. 31 1753   Details icon
08/12/2013 unknown CNN Money Magazine names Westfield to 2013 Best Places to Live List 454   Details icon
07/31/2013 unknown Press Release: Westfield Police Host Fourth Annual Community Appreciation Day 1313   Details icon
07/25/2013 unknown PRESS RELEASE: Westfield Adds Bike Loop System 1432   Details icon
06/25/2013 unknown PRESS RELEASE: Westfield to Host Heavy Trash and Bulk Item Drop-off Day 1531   Details icon
06/03/2013 pdf SAVE THE DATE: Heavy Trash and Bulk Item Drop-Off Day - Saturday, June 29, 2013 885 362 KB Details icon
05/22/2013 pdf INDOT: 156th Street West of U.S. 31 Closing Friday 715 289 KB Details icon
05/14/2013 unknown INDOT: Contractors Plan to Close 151st Street West of U.S. 31 on Monday, May 20 1124   Details icon
04/10/2013 pdf INDOT: 161st Street at U.S. 31 Closes Monday 807 304 KB Details icon
03/18/2013 unknown PRESS RELEASE: City of Westfield Urges Motorist to Use Caution in Work Zones 795   Details icon
03/11/2013 html Press Release: Westfield's Grand Park Beginning to Taking Shape - One Year Away from Full Scale Operation 2133 25 KB Details icon
03/08/2013 pdf INDOT: Restrictions At U.S. 31 and 151st Street Begin Monday 855 318 KB Details icon
02/25/2013 html Press Release: Westfield Names New Public Works Director 1635 24 KB Details icon
01/07/2013 html Press Release: Westfield Youth Assistance Expands to Noblesville 1774 36 KB Details icon
09/27/2012 html Press Release: Westfield Looks for Input from Residents Regarding Infrastructure Improvements 1344 26 KB Details icon
09/19/2012 html 2013 Budget Proposal 1709 24 KB Details icon
04/24/2012 unknown 2007-2011 Certified Budget (Westfield, Pgs. 34-35) 830   Details icon
Documents 1-50 of 52

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