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Westfield Announces New Assistant Director of Public Works



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January 10, 2017




Westfield Announces New Assistant Director of Public Works


Westfield, IN- The city of Westfield announced today that Angela Smitherman has been named the new assistant director of public works.


Smitherman will assist the public works director with operations and management of the department. She will be responsible for grant applications, presentations, community outreach, creating ordinances, and the implementation and enforcement of proper safety procedures.


“As Westfield continues to grow there is an increasing demand for city services,” explains Jeremy Lollar, Public Works Director. “Angela showed her value as a city employee very quickly and it soon became apparent that her skills were being underutilized as an administrative manager.”


“I’m excited about this new position as it will allow me the opportunity to expand my role in supporting our staff while serving the community,” says Smitherman.


Angela Smitherman will continue her work as the director of the Westfield Running Club. She is also a board member of Girls on the Run Central Indiana, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls through running. The organization is active in Westfield Washington Schools.


Smitherman started her new position January 9, 2017. She has been a Westfield employee for more than two years.