Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA)

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The Westfield City Council is considering an ordinance establishing a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) in the downtown corridor.


What is a DORA?

A Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) allows patrons 21 years and older to purchase alcoholic beverages from approved businesses within the DORA and carry them outside to be consumed within the DORA's boundaries. Beverages may be taken around the designated DORA, either while relaxing outdoors, enjoying a downtown event, or while shopping at retailers that permit DORA beverages in their business. 


Why a DORA? 

Many cities have already taken advantage of Indiana legislation allowing them to establish DORAs. The city’s goal is to facilitate a vibrant setting that promotes economic development and enhances the overall downtown experience.


What are the benefits of a DORA?

Economic Development Boost

  • Stimulate economic activity by encouraging residents and visitors to spend more time and money in designated areas
  • This can lead to increased foot traffic and higher sales for local businesses

Enhanced Social Experience

  • DORAs create opportunities for socializing and community engagement in outdoor settings, which positively contributes to quality-of-life initiatives

Revitalizing Downtown

  • DORAs can serve as catalysts for the revitalization of downtown areas by helping to create attractive and lively public spaces

Flexible Approach

  • By designating where outdoor drinking is permitted, the city can manage and regulate alcohol consumption in a controlled manner


DORA Rules and Regulations

The DORA is a designated area where alcoholic beverages can be purchased in a marked container from participating establishments and carried within the district.

  • The Downtown Westfield DORA is in effect January 1 – December 31, Monday through Thursday from 12 p.m. (noon) to 10 p.m. and Friday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Patrons must be aged 21 and over to consume alcoholic beverages within the DORA.
  • No outside alcoholic beverages are permitted to be consumed in the DORA.
  • DORA beverages may be purchased only at participating liquor establishments.
  • DORA beverages are allowed only within the DORA boundaries.
  • Exit signage is placed at the boundaries of the DORA, and DORA beverages are not permitted outside of these exit points.
  • Pre-packaged beverages are not permitted to be dispensed as a DORA beverage.
  • Only specific plastic cups with the DORA logo are permitted to be used for DORA beverages.
  • No glass containers are permitted in the DORA area, except for outdoor dining areas.
  • Patrons may enjoy their beverage outdoors (staying within the DORA boundaries).
  • All bars, restaurants, and businesses located within the DORA are strongly encouraged to post an applicable DORA decal in the window.
  • Patrons may take their drink into their favorite shop if a “DORA beverages are welcome here” decal is displayed in the window.
  • DORA containers must be disposed of before entering another bar or restaurant (including those that are Designated Permittees) and businesses if the restaurant, bar, or business displays a “DORA beverages, are not permitted” decal in the window.
  • Possession of an open container of an alcoholic beverage in a motor vehicle may constitute a Class C infraction under IC 9-30-15.
  • Safety and nuisance laws are strictly enforced. Patrons participating in the DORA should enjoy the DORA responsibly, respect the residents and businesses in the area, and never drink and drive.

Window Cling Examples

    Dora Window Cling Examples

DORA Boundary Map

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