Fire and Life Safety

Code Enforcement

The Westfield Fire Department performs final building inspections for all commercial construction projects within our jurisdiction prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy by the city department of community development. Fire inspections and pre-plan updates of businesses and multi-family apartment communities are conducted annually. Our fire prevention personnel also investigate citizen concerns regarding possible unsafe conditions or fire code violations. These inspections follow the Indiana Fire Code which has been adopted by the State of Indiana for the enforcement of fire protection and public safety laws.

Plan Review

The Westfield Fire Department fire marshal’s office completes site plan and building plan reviews for proposed new developments within our jurisdiction. Westfield Fire Department personnel work closely with the various city departments to ensure fire and building codes are being followed for new developments. Additionally, this division performs plan reviews on commercial construction projects to confirm fire and life safety code compliance with the current Indiana Fire Code.

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The Compliance Engine

The Westfield Fire Department requires that specific fire protection systems and annual test reports be submitted to the department from the Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Company. This is submitted via the web-based portal, The Compliance Engine (TCE). After submission of these reports, The Compliance Engine works on behalf of Westfield Fire Department to provide notification to building representatives/owners of needed repairs and the yearly reminder of necessary inspection. These efforts help ensure those fire protection systems comply with IN State Fire Code. Compliant fire protection systems reduce the risk to life and property in the City.

Fire Protection Systems requiring TCE test result submission include:

  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Commercial Kitchen Hood Suppression System (Testing and Cleaning)
  • Standpipe
  • Active Smoke Control System
  • Fire Pump
  • Spray Booth w/Suppression System
  • Emergency Generator
  • Private Fire Hydrants
  • Special Suppression System
  • Gas Detection System
  • Automatic Closing Fire Assemblies
  • Emergency Radio Responder Coverage System

All fire and life safety contractors can register on The Compliance Engine’s website.

Public Education

The Westfield Fire Department Fire Prevention Division is responsible for fire and life safety education and outreach services. The Fire Prevention Division oversees all education efforts with children, schools, preschools, teachers, daycare providers, elderly and nursing home staff. The Division also oversees a variety of educational and outreach efforts for the business, residential, and targeted high-risk areas. To schedule an educational event please head on over to our Fire Department Services Section.

Don't forget to check your smoke detector at least once a month, and replace the battery twice a year.

Community Connect

Community Connect allows residences and businesses to create a life safety profile to share critical information about your property or business with us that we can get on the fly immediately when we get dispatched,” WFD Chief Rob Gaylor said. “We have that critical information that’s going to save us time and energy to focus on your needs and treat you in the way you need to be treated in a timely manner

Fire Investigations

The Westfield Fire Departments investigation team is responsible for investigating fires that occur in the City of Westfield and Washington Township. Fire Investigations investigates all fires including suspicious fires and explosions to determine the origin and cause. The fire investigation team is comprised of on-call and shift investigators.

Certified fire investigators in conjunction with the Westfield Police Department conduct all phases of the fire investigation including interviewing witnesses, evidence collection, background investigations, appearing in court and assisting other public safety and private agencies.