Fire and Life Safety

The Fire Prevention Division of the Westfield Fire Department, commonly referred to as the Fire Marshal's Office, provides the leadership and inspection services to help prevent fires and assure fire and life safety for people who live, work, play and visit Westfield. The main goal of our Fire Prevention Division is to ensure the Citizens of Westfield that we are the safest community in Indiana through Education, Inspections and Preventive measures to eliminate fires.


Every year, the Westfield Fire Department inspects every business and commercial property in the City of Westfield. Other services provided by our Inspections Division are reviewing of preplans submitted by architectural developers and contractors wishing to build in Westfield. The Fire Marshal's Office inspects all new construction, major remodels, and fire protection system revisions to ensure compliance with the State of Indiana Fire Codes. 


Westfield Fire Department Fire Investigators determine origin and cause for fires. Fire Investigators team consists of firefighters that has completed and certified with NFPA Fire Investigator I. The Investigators work closely with the Westfield Police Department with the investigation of all fires in Westfield.


The Westfield Fire Department Fire Prevention Division is responsible for fire and life safety education and outreach services. The Fire Prevention Division oversees all education efforts with children, schools, preschools, teachers, daycare providers, elderly and nursing home staff. The Division also oversees a variety of educational and outreach efforts for the business, residential, and targeted high-risk areas. To schedule an educational event please head on over to our Fire Department Services Section.