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1 hour ago

Westfield Fire Department

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4 days ago

Westfield Fire Department

Stay home if possible today through tomorrow.We are salting neighborhoods as quickly & safely as possible. We will have to pull out when primaries need attention again. Please stay in if you can. The roads are starting to turn and have the potential to get bad quickly. #TravelWestfield ... See moreSee less

Stay home if possible today through tomorrow.

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❤️🙏 for all that were involved. Thanks to the firefighters and police officers. I hope this will inspire the city and the state to lower the speed limit from before Kroger and to Kroger so we can safely pull in and out of Willow Creek. It should be 30mp through the city of Westfield. It is in other cities like Noblesville. Or put in a light.

Praying for all of the victims and the first responders that had to witness this. from what I’ve heard/read, it was very tragic. Thank you for all you guys do! ❤️💙

Anyone know what happened? Hope no deaths !

Ummmm... Sue Bronaugh- Moore. You okay? Michael A. Moore Steve Moore everyone home safe?

Anyone know if this happened off of east Street? That is getting to be a pretty dangerous area in town.

Gar Solomon

Thanks for being at the ready!!




Wesley Lienerth

Hope everyone is ok!!🙏

James Harkey

Is there anyway to get through? We are heading home and live in the Willow Creek subdivision right between those streets with only one entrance to our neighborhood.

Lisa Steele Fitschen Megan Chaffee Juli Matulis Brown Elizabeth Bouse

i live in Silver Lake and I heard what sounded like an explosion while I was spreading salt on my driveway. It sounded horrendous.

Oh no! Praying everyone ok!

I have to go through there twice daily for work. There is so much more traffic through these areas now. 🙏☝️ for all involved!

I wondered the same thing. We live in Silver Lakes and I heard it while being in the house.

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5 days ago

Westfield Fire Department

Winter weather update: Road crews are prepared and ready to roll out. They just ask that you do NOT park in the street so plows can get through. Public safety is encouraging folks to stay off the roads if possible. #TravelWestfield #WeGotThis #RoundTwo ... See moreSee less

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