Hamilton County Training Center

The Hamilton County Training Center (HCTC) is a 96-acre campus centrally located in Hamilton County, Indiana, within the City of Noblesville. The training center was developed to meet the demands of public safety professionals in the Hamilton County area and in the region. Essential to successful training programs is providing facilities that simulate the potential situations that Emergency Responders may and will encounter while serving a community and prepare them to address these adverse and challenging conditions in a safe, efficient and effective manner. Through private sector partnerships, the training center will also serve as an environment for technological innovation that enhances public safety and promotes economic development.

The training center is bound by E. 160th Street to the north, River Avenue on the west and the White River to the east.

Training facilities and props are located throughout the 96-acre site. The campus includes:

  • Classroom Building with three classrooms and apparatus bays
  • Command Training Center/Advanced Disaster Management Simulator/Computer-based Testing Site
  • Water Rescue Training Lake
  • White River Access
  • Wilderness Training Area
  • Flashover Chamber
  • Hallway Simulator
  • Two-Story Residential Burn Container
  • School Bus Prop
  • Tanker Truck Prop
  • Mobile Mayday Simulator/Firefighter Survival Prop
  • Mobile SCBA Confidence Course
  • Mobile Firefighter Survival Props
    • Disentanglement
    • Upper Floor Exit/Window Hang
    • Wall Breach
  • Mobile Forcible Entry Prop


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