Fire Department


Emergency Response

The moment you call 911, our job begins. Whether it's a fire, medical incident, hazardous material incident, rescue situation, or natural disaster; we are trained and ready to respond. The City of Westfield Fire Department has 63 sworn members and 12 civilian staff, who are here to serve the City and Township. In 2018 we responded to more than 3,300 incidents. Because medical incidents constitute the highest percentage of our emergency calls, each of our firefighters is certified as a paramedic or emergency medical technician (EMT). Roughly 20% our workforce are certified as paramedics. The Department operates two 24/7 transporting ALS ambulances. This ensures that our community receives the highest level of emergency medical care 365 days a year.

Special Situations

WFD also handles incidents requiring specialized skills and equipment including hazardous materials incidents and specialty rescue: Hazardous Materials- All members are certified at the Technician Level and the organization participates as a county/regional team that responds to incidents involving dangerous chemicals or toxic materials. Water Rescue- Responds to water emergencies including boaters in distress, flooding, and trapped swimmers. Technical Rescue- Our members specializes in trench and confined space rescues, vehicle entrapments, rope rescue, and building collapse.


Constant drills and training are fundamental to effective emergency response. Our demanding and comprehensive training program and utilization of modern technology. This allows our personnel to make critical decisions based on finely-honed skills and judgment enhancing our ability to handle emergencies.


WFD’s mission is to protect our communities from the hazards that threaten individuals and families. This means not only responding to emergencies when they occur, but also preventing or reducing the effects of their occurrence in the first place. For decades, our personnel have been committed to creating safer communities through public education and prevention via community events, code inspections, building plans review, media campaigns, school visits, child car seat installations, and many other programs. Our Operations and Prevention staff work closely with builders and developers during new construction and conduct inspections on existing buildings to make sure safety features are in place and ready to activate in an emergency. We also work with businesses that manufacture, store, and use hazardous materials to ensure state and federal regulations are being met. Additionally, each of our fire stations are involved in a Community Risk Reduction initiative in which firefighters create strategies to mitigate hazards in their primary response area. If you ever need any, please don't hesitate to call us. Thank you for visiting our website.


Marcus Reed Fire Chief

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