The City of Westfield, Indiana

Westfield is a thriving community with a rich heritage

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12/09/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: NewPro Containers Expands Westfield Facility 512   Details icon
11/15/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Grand Park Event Receives Economic Impact Award in Sports Tourism 689   Details icon
11/14/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: City of Westfield to Launch Service Recognition Program 593   Details icon
11/04/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: City of Westfield Breaks Ground on Grand Junction Plaza 692   Details icon
10/28/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Abbott Opening Heart Valve Manufacturing Operation in Westfield 1050   Details icon
10/24/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: City Breaks Ground on New Road 521   Details icon
10/23/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Business to Bring More than 40 Jobs to Westfield 664   Details icon
10/22/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Construction of New Playhouse to Begin in Downtown Westfield 267   Details icon
10/14/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Leading Technology Company to Open Engineering Lab in Westfield 497   Details icon
10/09/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Gordon Food Service to Bring Hundreds of Jobs to Westfield with New Facility 1782   Details icon
10/08/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Grand Park Named Home of National Flag Football Championship 882   Details icon
08/22/2019 pdf SR 32 Reconstruction Public Information Meeting Notice 418 16 KB Details icon
08/05/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: City of Westfield Announces New Canine Officer at Colts Training Camp 379   Details icon
07/16/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Westfield Welcomes New Director of Community Development 794   Details icon
07/09/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Browning Chapman Relocating to Westfield 1081   Details icon
06/17/2019 pdf City of Westfield Releases a Request for Proposals for Construction Management of the Grand Junction Plaza Park Project 595 193 KB Details icon
06/04/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: City of Westfield and Westfield Washington Schools Announce School Patrol Figures for 2018-19 School Year 446   Details icon
05/28/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Westfield Powers Up Monon Trail Interactive Kiosk 469   Details icon
05/23/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: The City of Westfield to Host 6th Annual Grand Run 226   Details icon
04/30/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: $25M Development to Locate in Downtown Westfield 2137   Details icon
04/26/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: The City of Westfield to Host Hospitality Job Fair 1877   Details icon
04/24/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Westfield Launches Safe Roads Campaign 1595   Details icon
04/17/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Grand Opening Celebration for Bastian Solutions Facility 1886   Details icon
03/21/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Westfield Reports 3rd Consecutive Year of Reduced Crime Rate 1980   Details icon
03/12/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Grand Junction Plaza Funding Approval 1987   Details icon
03/12/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Grinds LLC Relocating Global Headquarters to Westfield 2261   Details icon
02/11/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Grand Junction Plaza Funding Plan Proposed 1764   Details icon
01/18/2019 unknown NEWS RELEASE: Westfield Launches Wellbeing Coalition 757   Details icon
11/20/2018 unknown PRESS RELEASE: Grand Park Event Receives Economic Impact Award in Sports Tourism 522   Details icon
11/13/2018 unknown PRESS RELEASE: Monon Trail Pedestrian Bridge Construction Begins 1751   Details icon
10/16/2018 unknown PRESS RELEASE: Last Portion of the Monon Trail Opens 762   Details icon
10/09/2018 unknown PRESS RELEASE: Major Improvement Project Announced for State Road 32 in Downtown Westfield 1304   Details icon
09/27/2018 unknown PRESS RELEASE: 2018 Big Ten Soccer Tournament 627   Details icon
09/06/2018 unknown PRESS RELEASE: Westfield Fire Department ISO Rating Improves 1253   Details icon
06/20/2018 unknown PRESS RELEASE: Training Facility Breaks Ground at Grand Park 1625   Details icon
06/05/2018 unknown PRESS RELEASE: Grand Park Named a Top Sports Facility in the United States 1209   Details icon
05/25/2018 unknown PRESS RELEASE: Student-Designed Park Opens in Westfield 1795   Details icon
05/15/2018 unknown PRESS RELEASE: City of Westfield Launches Financial Transparency Portal 1691   Details icon
04/19/2018 unknown PRESS RELEASE: Westfield Police Department Releases 2017 Annual Report 1816   Details icon
04/17/2018 unknown PRESS RELEASE: Endowment Fund Established for Westfield Non-Profits 1110   Details icon
02/15/2018 unknown WESTFIELD LAUNCHES REDESIGNED CITY WEBSITE 970   Details icon
01/24/2018 unknown Mayor Cook Nominated to Serve on US Department of Transportation Committee 926   Details icon
01/18/2018 unknown MAYOR COOK DELIVERS 2018 STATE OF THE CITY ADDRESS 1288   Details icon
01/17/2018 unknown WESTFIELD CLOSES OUT 2017 WITH RECORD ECONOMIC GROWTH 1319   Details icon
01/09/2018 unknown Council President's Statement Regarding Westchester Decision 1027   Details icon
12/19/2017 unknown BIG WOODS RESTAURANT COMING TO WESTFIELD 2626   Details icon
12/12/2017 unknown WESTFIELD NAMED ONE OF INDIANA’S SAFEST CITIES 937   Details icon
09/28/2017 pdf Ditch Road Extension Open to Traffic 1153 156 KB Details icon
Documents 1-50 of 112