NEWS RELEASE: Westfield Fire Department Breaks Ground on New Fire Station and Headquarters

Date: June 1, 2022 

Contact: Chris Proffitt, Director of Communications 




Westfield, IN - The Westfield Fire Department broke ground on June 1st for its new 12.8 million dollar, 36,000 square foot Fire Station and Headquarters. Station 81 replaces the current fire station and headquarters at Westfield’s Public Safety Building. Located at the Southeast corner of 171st street and Ditch Road, Station 81 will feature 8 bays, a new training tower, physical fitness facilities, living quarters, fleet services and administrative offices.
Westfield Fire Chief Rob Gaylor, explained the need for replacing the current station and headquarters. “We started this process in 2019 to relocate the headquarters. Our current Public Safety Building opened in 1997 and the Fire and Police Departments have outgrown that facility. We are out of space with people using closets for offices. It’s also in need of significant repairs.”
The Westfield Public Safety Building houses the entire Westfield Police Department, the fire department’s headquarters, along with personnel and equipment for Station 81.
Westfield has three fire stations. The last one built was Station 83 on Grassy Branch Road. It opened in 2012. “Westfield’s population continues to grow and so do demands for fire and EMS services,” said Mayor Andy Cook. “The need for a new Police Department is also great. As our city grows, we are adding additional officers and the current headquarters is no longer suitable for the Police Department’s needs,” said Mayor Cook.
Fire Station 81 is scheduled to open in 2023.