WM Service Update: Monday, April 8

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WM (Waste Management) Transition FAQs

Press Release (2/6/2024): Waste Management will take over trash billing for the City of Westfield

Why did I receive a bill from WM?

The City of Westfield and Waste Management have reached an agreement that Waste Management will take over the trash billing on behalf of the City of Westfield, effective April 1st.
City of Westfield residents will receive information from Waste Management in mid-March containing their account number and their first bill. "By having Waste Management assume the billing responsibility, residents can access more features and route information through the MyWM platform, including scheduling bulk pickup online, scheduling container replacements, paperless billing, and view pickup schedules. This also allows our Guest Services team to respond more expeditiously to other resident requests and provide more proactive customer service," stated Mayor Scott Willis.

When will my trash and recycling be picked up?

This change does not affect any trash and recycling pickup routes. Your pickup day will remain the same.

How do I pay my trash bill?

There are many ways to pay your bill. You can set up an online account with My WM to set up recurring payments. You can choose to pay online as a guest without creating an account; you will need your customer ID (located on your paper bill) and your billing zip code. You can also choose to mail in a check with their payment remittance coupon or call to pay over the phone. WM's mailing address and phone number are located on your bill. Visit My WM to set up an online account.

How do I contact WM?

You can call WM at 866-797-9018 or visit My WM

Why should I set up a MyWM account?

You can manage your billing options, request services such as bulk pickup, view your pickup and holiday schedule, set notification preferences and more from your My WM dashboard.

Bulk Trash:

How do I dispose of heavier bulk items not accepted in normal pickup or items that do not fit inside the containers?

To dispose of heavier bulk items, customers should call Waste Management directly at 866-797-9018 and ask to schedule a bulk pickup or schedule online.

The City of Westfield also hosts two bulk trash days throughout the year, one on the second Saturday in May and one on the second Saturday in October. Bulk items can be dropped off at City Services from 8 a.m. to noon on these designated days. Some fees may apply, and proof of Westfield residency is required.

Overage bags (33g) are sold for $2.00 each at the Ella Community Pharmacy and City Services Center

How do I dispose of yard waste?

Waste Management offers a Fall Leaf and Brush Collection Program during the month of November every Thursday and material collected is locally composted. Customers can enroll by calling 866.797.9018 or find out more information by visiting WM’s website at www.wm.com.

The City of Westfield also hosts two bulk trash days throughout the year, one on the second Saturday in May and one on the second Saturday in October. Customers are encouraged to bring yard waste to these events at City Services on E. 171st Street.

How do I dispose of my Christmas tree?

Waste Management will pick up one Christmas tree per household at no additional charge to the customer. This service is available starting December 26th and ending the Friday closest to January 11th of each year. Trees must be cut down into sections smaller than four feet in length to be accepted.

Whenever the Holidays listed below fall on a regular schedule collection day, the collection schedule for that day, as well as the rest of the week, will be delayed one day. Under this circumstance, Saturday collection is acceptable. 1. Christmas 2. New Year’s Day.

When are collection hours for trash and recycling?

Service occurs on a weekly basis between 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Waste Management requests containers be out before 6:30 a.m. at the end of your driveway. Trash and recycling are serviced on the same day but at different times within the day due to the use of separate trucks.

Where do you find a list of the dos and don’ts for recycling?

Please visit Waste Management’s website at www.wm.com

How many containers are allowed at the rate that is paid?

A resident may have a maximum of 3 containers: either two trash and one recycle or two recycle and one trash. Any additional containers requested would need to be scheduled with Waste Management directly, and there is an additional charge.

Where should my containers be placed for service?

Containers should be placed by the curb and be at least 3 feet away from any other containers, mailboxes, cars, etc., as the automated arms need room to service the containers properly.

How do I dispose of hazardous items (paint, batteries, household cleaners, etc.) that are not accepted for regular pickup?

To dispose of hazardous items, customers will need to take items to the Hamilton County Household Hazardous Waste Center at 1717 Pleasant St. (Suite 200) in Noblesville. Both accepted and unaccepted materials are specified on the HHW website, or customers can call 317.776.4005 with other inquiries.


I still received a bill from the City of Westfield. What's that for?

Bills from the City of Westfield are the stormwater fee only.

How often do I receive a bill from the City of Westfield?

The City of Westfield bills for the stormwater fee quarterly and in advance of the upcoming quarter. The quarters are January 1 – March 31, April 1 – June 30, July 1 – September 30, and October 1 – December 31.

What is the stormwater fee, and why do I have to pay it?

The stormwater fee is a fee all property owners in the City of Westfield pay to maintain the infrastructure of drainage systems around the city and ensure our community complies with the Federal Clean Water Act. (City Ordinance 16-08)

What options do I have for paying my stormwater bill?

  • Mailing payment to PO Box 863 Indianapolis, IN 46206
  • Dropping off payment at City Services at 2728 E. 171st St. Westfield, IN 46074
  • Enrolling in ACH to have payments automatically deducted from a checking account on the due date
  • Paying online or over the phone with a Visa or MasterCard ($2 fee applied)
  • 24-hour dropbox at City Services at 2728 E. 171st Street Westfield, IN 46074

Other Utility Services

Who do I call to ask questions about my water utility?

Citizens of Westfield is the water and sewage utility provider in the City of Westfield. If you have questions about water or payments, call 317.924.3311.

How do I submit a service request or report a hazard?

Residents can submit service requests or report hazards by going to the City of Westfield’s website at www.westfield.in.gov and clicking on the “Report It” tab found on the homepage.

Utility Providers for Residents:

Centerpoint Energy - Gas



Citizens Energy Group – Water and Sewer, Gas



2150 Dr Martin Luther King Drive, Indianapolis

Duke Energy – Electricity



100 South Mill Creek Road, Noblesville

Waste Management – Trash Service



Westfield Guest Services - Stormwater



2728 E 171st Street, Westfield

MetroNet – Internet