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Press Release:Westfield Sports Destination Location Announced



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September 28, 2010


Westfield Announces Location for Family Sports Capital of America Destination

-Location has Most Opportunity for Maximizing Economic Development and Community Recreation


Westfield, IN - Westfield Mayor Andy Cook announced today the location for the future sports and community recreation campus destination known as the Family Sports Capital of America, a community youth and adult recreational sports campus designed to host youth and adult recreation, regional and national sports tournaments and community sporting events. Over the past 12 months, three potential sites were examined by the Westfield sports commission.  The destination selected by the committee is planned in the area bound by State Road 32 on the south, 196th Street to the north, Spring Mill Road on the west and US Highway 31 to the east.   The community sports and recreation campus will occupy approximately 300 acres within that geographic area.  Westfield developers Steve Henke and Beau Wilfong organized and promoted the selected site and will participate in the development of the sports destination project. 


According to city officials and the sports commission, the primary reason for choosing this location is that this location will provide the greatest opportunity for economic development in Westfield.  In addition to the economic opportunities for the city, other development site selection criteria used by the sports commission included the opportunity for good vehicular accessibility, the level of visibility from major thoroughfares, the proximity of the project to Westfield's public investments (existing and planned) such as water and sewer systems, existing and planned roads, trails, fiber optic system, parks, school facilities, redevelopment of downtown and Grand Junction Plaza.  "The project location will maximize the opportunity to attract private investment not only from the sports campus itself, but also from the surrounding destination area," says Mayor Andy Cook.  "It is important to realize that this sports destination will be an economic development driver for the City, designed to increase assessed values in the community and reduce tax rates.  The project location provides opportunities for future development in the area as interest in the destination increases," says Cook.  There are opportunities for other interested development groups in the project's vicinity.


Developer Steve Henke stated, "We are very excited at the announcement of this site for selection and development of Westfield's new sports complex.  Its close proximity to US31 and SR32 will greatly benefit the city of Westfield in economic development, and promote Westfield as a destination, bringing in thousands of families annually from all areas of the United States to a variety of tournaments. As sports tourists, they will shop, dine, stay in hotels and enjoy Westfield.  Equally important, the sports campus will be multifunctional, providing not only economic benefits and jobs to the community, but also a centralized youth and adult recreation-wellness facilities for all ages and all sports for Westfield residents for many years to come.  It will also serve as a community park located on the Monon, near the City-planned downtown Grand Junction."


According to city officials, the next steps will be to work with the development team, the sports commission, community members, land owners and sports organizations to develop a workable development strategy to implement this plan.  The City's goal is to begin construction in 2011.