Providing a unique learning experience for early childhood, M&I Bank has sponsored a United Way Born Learning Trail in Quaker Park. Trails consist of 10 stations that vary in activities from hopscotch to story-telling and singing to counting and ABCs. Designed as a caregiver and/or family bonding experience as well, this educational experience gets young families outdoors and connected to each other and to nature. Signs prompt parents to ask questions to young children that develop problem-solving, awareness, listening and exploration skills, developing their minds and bodies.

Originally designed in large cities to enhance learning for inner-city children, the concept has caught on across the country and has become mainstream for early childhood educators, caregivers and parents of all socioeconomic backgrounds. All children benefit from hands-on, interactive learning from birth.

The Born Learning Trail offers a fun learning opportunity, while providing a purposeful activity for parents and children. The trail provides parents and caregivers with the tools to promote early learning and turn everyday moments into teachable moments. When parents teach the things they see every day - colors, shapes, and numbers - they're preparing their children for school and readying them for a lifetime of learning.

Check out the Born Learning Trail in Quaker Park today!