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City of Westfield CITY OF WESTFIELD, IN
Advisory Plan Commission -- February 7, 2011

Monday, February 07, 2011 at 07:00 PM

BOARD OR COMMISSION: Advisory Plan Commission (APC)
MEETING DATE: Monday, February 07, 2011 at 07:00 PM

    1. Note the Presence of a Quorum
    2. Approval of Minutes
      Documents: January 18, 2011
    3. Review APC Rules and Procedures
    1. 1101-PUD-03 - [CONTINUED TO FEBRUARY 22, 2011 MEETING] Custom Commerce Park PUD Amendment 17251 Foundation Parkway The City of Westfield requests an amendment to the Custom Commerce Park PUD, modifying certain development standards and permitted uses.
    2. 1101-REZ-01 1901 State Road 32 West Rick and Jennifer Lane request a change in zoning from the SF-5 District to the GB District of approximately 0.67 acres.
    3. 0608-REZ-06 - [PUBLIC HEARING] Walnut Ridge Commitments Amendment Carey Road and 169th Street Walnut Ridge Commitments Amendment Estridge Development Company requests a change to the written commitments associated with the rezoning of property, as approved by Ordinance 06-50.
      Documents: Exhibit 1 - Staff Report | Exhibit 2 - Aerial Location Map | Exhbit 3 - Petitioner's Proposal
    4. 1102-ZOA-02 - [PUBLIC HEARING] Zoning Ordinance Amendment The City of Westfield is requesting amendments to sections WC 16.04.010,Y4b (Preexisting Nonconforming Lots, Structures, and Uses); WC 16.04.150,F (Nonconforming Use Specifications); WC 16.04.030 (Residential Districts); WC 16.04.040 (Multifamily Districts); WC 16.04.095 (Temporary Uses and Events); WC 16.04.100, 2Cii (Accessory Buildings); WC 16.04.180, Figure 2 (Use List); and WC 16.04.220, C Step 2,A (Primary Plat Approval) of the Westfield-Washington Township Zoning Ordinance.
    5. 1101-PUD-02 - [CONTINUED] Springmill Trails PUD State Road 32 & Casey Road Wilfong Land Companies LLC requests a change in zoning of approximately 897 acres from the Eagletown PUD to the Springmill Trails PUD.
    6. 1011-DP-12 & 1011-SIT-10 - [CONTINUED] 800 East Main Street The City of Westfield requests a Development Plan and Site Plan Review for an approximately 5,000 square-foot building, located on approximately 0.5 acre in the LB District.
    7. 1001-PUD-01 - [CONTINUED] Symphony PUD 146th Street and Towne Road Estridge Development Company requests a change in zoning in approximately 1,409 acres from the AG-SF1, SF-2 and Centennial North PUD Districts to the Symphony PUD District.
    1. APC Members
    2. City Council Liaison
    3. BZA Liaison
    4. WCD Staff