The City of Westfield, Indiana

Westfield is a thriving community with a rich heritage

About Public Works Department

The Public Works Department provides quality services that support the infrastructure demands of the City of Westfield to enhance the safety, welfare and aesthetic environment of the residents, businesses and visitors. This is accomplished through the development and maintenance of infrastructure and stormwater facilities; professional engineering oversight of public and private improvement projects; and implementation of erosion/sediment controls and storm water quality measures. 

The public works department maintains:

  • 203 miles of road
  • 45 bridges & culverts
  • 2700 signs
  • 6 signalized intersections
  • 99 miles of trails
  • 235 miles of sidewalks


  • Engineering
  • Park Maintenance and Inspection Services
  • Stormwater
  • Streets & Right-of-Way Maintenance