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PRESS RELEASE: Major Improvement Project Announced for State Road 32 in Downtown Westfield


Date: October 9, 2018

Contact: Vicki Duncan Gardner


Cell: 317.416.6612

Release: Immediate Release


Westfield, IN – Today, the City of Westfield and the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) announced a major reconstruction of State Road 32 in downtown Westfield. The $15 million project is a 50-50 cost split between the city and the state. The Westfield City Council approved an interlocal agreement paving the way for the collaboration.

"Partnering with the state on this work is a huge win for our city," said Westfield Mayor Andy Cook. "Anyone coming in to Westfield knows that something needs to be done to State Road 32. It simply cannot safely and efficiently handle the traffic of a growing community."

"INDOT’s position has always been to work in collaboration with local communities when it comes to the future of the way people and goods move on our State roads," said Todd May, District Deputy Commissioner for the Greenfield District of INDOT who will be the State’s primary point of contact for this project. “Mayor Cook and his team in Westfield are excellent partners. We look forward to working with them in developing the next phase of safe, efficient and effective transportation in this vibrant and growing community.”

The State Road 32 project will address congestion and capacity concerns along the SR 32 corridor from Shamrock Boulevard to East Street. The design process will look at all possible alternatives to provide efficient traffic flow through downtown Westfield. As part of the project, the City and INDOT will assess options to determine the best solution for all stakeholders. The Grand Junction Task Group, a volunteer citizens group, included the road improvement as an integral part of its master plan designed over the last ten years.

"Improving the accessibility to downtown Westfield is the first big step as we build the Grand Junction District-the new heart of the city," said Teresa Skelton, Executive Director of the Downtown Westfield Association. "Public and private sector developments are in the works but getting this commitment from the city and state is critical. This is exciting for our community."

The City and INDOT, in a collaborative Request for Proposals process, selected American Structurepoint for Engineering and Design services. A topographic survey and traffic data collection will begin this fall followed by roadway design. Construction is expected to begin in late 2022 with a completion date in early 2024.