The City of Westfield, Indiana

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NEWS RELEASE: City Breaks Ground on New Road

Date: October 24, 2019

Contact: Vicki Duncan Gardner


Cell: 317.416.6612

Road to Improve Connectivity


Westfield, IN – Today Mayor Andy Cook joined city and state leaders to break ground on what is being called the new Westfield Boulevard. The road construction is a collaborative project between the State of Indiana and the City of Westfield.

“This project is a great example of how all levels of government can work together for the community,” said Mayor Cook. “The new Westfield Boulevard will not only ease traffic through our downtown but it will open an entire area along US 31 for economic development.”

The new road will run .65 miles between 169th Street and Park Street and cost $4.8 million. Because it crosses the Anna Kendall Legal Drain, a bridge is included. The project also includes new trail connectivity along 169th Street and north along Westfield Boulevard to give pedestrians direct access to Grand Junction Plaza and Park Street. Eventually it will connect to the Monon Trail on the west side of US 31.

The construction is a Federal Exchange project. The city will pay 10% of the construction costs and the state will cover the remaining 90%. Construction is scheduled to be complete by November 27, 2020.  Future plans call for the road to extend future south and connect with Westfield Boulevard at 161st Street.