Date: December 7, 2020

Contact: Vicki Duncan Gardner


Cell: 317.416.6612



Westfield, IN – Today, the City of Westfield and the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) announced the selection of the preferred route for the State Road 32 Westfield Reconstruction project. The $15 million project is a 50-50 cost split between the city and the state. 

"This is a much-needed project for our city and I am pleased to see where we are after two years of input-gathering and analysis," said Westfield Mayor Andy Cook. "Although we have done a lot of work, there is still more to come. As we continue the environmental work, we are certain to see some modifications. But I am glad our residents and business community can begin to see how our downtown will take shape.”

“INDOT has been studying the State Road 32 corridor for some time now,” remarked INDOT Project Manager Jennifer Beck. “That is why we are excited by the opportunity to partner with the City of Westfield on a project that will enhance mobility for local and regional traffic alike.”

The State Road 32 project, approved by the Westfield City Council in October 2018, will address congestion and capacity concerns along the SR 32 corridor from Poplar Street to just east of Timberbrook Run. The project is being developed in accordance with the Indiana State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), as the INDOT portion of the project cost will be funded by the State of Indiana.

“We looked at six different options over the last two years and this route was selected after thorough analysis, evaluation and input-gathering from adjacent residents, stakeholders and other interested parties,” said Westfield City Engineer John Nail. “The preferred route best balances impacts to historic properties, constructability and cost, while still meeting the purpose and need of the project. We look forward to continued dialogue with our input groups as they help to guide us in refining this preferred route into a detailed and final design.”

The preferred alternative will be the basis for further detailed design, analysis and development of the project. Due to the utilization of state funds and the presence of the National Register Listed Westfield Historic District, the project will follow the Indiana Historic Preservation and Archeology Act (IHPAA) and will be required to obtain a Certificate of Approval from the State Historic Preservation Review Board. In a forthcoming meeting anticipated in January 2021, interested parties will have the opportunity to provide input on potential mitigation measures to offset the effects the preferred alternative route will have on historic resources. Additionally, a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting and Public Information meeting will be scheduled to give the public an opportunity to provide feedback and comments on the preferred alternative.

Detailed information on the project status and meeting schedules can be found at:

(Editor’s Note: The accompanying illustration identifies the preferred alternative through downtown, but is NOT the final design.)