Midland Trace Trail

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Length: 4.96 miles

Location: Gray Road to Westfield Boulevard; Monon Trail to Sonoma 

Future Planned Trail Sections: Union to Monon (future), Dartown Road to Austrian Pine Way (future), NW side of Pine Ridge Neighborhood to Spring Mill (future), Maple Glenn Elementary to Mule Barn Rd (future).    

Activities: Walking/Running, bicycling, rollerblading

Trail Connections: Monon Trail, Natalie Wheeler Trail, Grassy Branch Trail (future), Monon Midland Loop, Cool Creek Trail (future), Little Eagle Creek Trail (future) and Simon Moon Park. 

Surface: Asphalt (12' wide)

Major Access: Grand Junction Plaza & Quaker Park  

Trail Ambassador Program Trail: The Midland Trace Trail is part of the Parks & Recreation Trail Ambassador Program. For more information on the program please click HERE.  

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  • Drinking Fountain
  • Dog Waste Station
  • Benches
  • Bike Rack
  • Dog Drinking Bowl
  • Public Restrooms